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What can I expect?

Counselling is not about telling you what to do or offering advice; instead, it is about helping you to gain insight into your feelings and behaviours and to make changes if necessary. Counselling is about supporting you with your emotional needs whatever they may be, so that you can find a happier, healthier, better way of living.

As a counsellor I can provide you with the time and space to explore difficult feelings in an environment that is confidential and free from judgement. I may comment on what you say offering a professional perspective, but this is done with respect for your own viewpoint and with the aim of helping you deal with specific problems. It is my role to support you and help you discover new ways to overcome your difficulties and reach your potential.

What might bring you to counselling?

You may be going through a difficult time in your life and feel that counselling will help. For instance, you may be coming to terms with the end of a relationship, you may have suffered a bereavement, or be suffering from work related stress. Counselling can help you overcome feelings of sadness, depression, stress, anxiety and low confidence or self esteem which can be upsetting and distressing. You may feel as though you don't really know why you need counselling but someone else has suggested it to you such as your friend, family member or GP and that you just want to try it, and see if it makes a difference.

Your GP may refer you to counselling to help you deal with depression or physiological symptoms for which there is no obvious physical cause. Carrying tension in your body as a result of stress and anxiety can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, back and neck problems, palpitations and feelings of panic and breathlessness. Such symptoms can be helped by talking to a counsellor and learning new strategies that will help you manage your feelings and symptoms more easily.

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